Water – Source of life and quality component

Spring water:
When producing Malt Whisky, the distiller needs clear, pure, and very soft spring water in many different steps of the process. Of course, the water leaves its mark on the beverage, regardless of whether it is mineral, heathy, peaty, or grassy – in its cycle, it absorbs the characteristics of its environment (flora and fauna) as well as of its regional surroundings. Naturally, the water may never contain fertilisers or other pollutants. Subterranean springs are very popular, however, water running through peaty meadows also has its fans.


Use of water in the whisky production:

  • Soaking of the barley (to initiate the germinating process)
  • Mashing the malt to extract sugar
  • Mixing the yeast
  • Adjusting of the right percentage of alcohol (when filling the casks)
  • Adjusting the bottling strength (dilution)
  • Cooling process (indirectly)

The spring water of the Highlands and the Islands often adopts the colour of the peat it is running through.