Malt Whisky

„Malt Whisky“ – Malt Whisky is made of malt (malted barley), water, and yeast only. Therefore, it is a purely natural product that became the most distinguished beverage among all kinds of whisky. No other distillate develops such a variety of aromas as Malt Whisky and is so high in individual and characteristic fragrances and flavours. In Scotland alone, there are more than 120 Malt Whisky distilleries, 80 of which can be found in the “Speyside“ area. Two centres of the whisky production are Speyside with its sweet and aromatic malts and the Isle of Islay with its tough and peaty malts full of character

„Blended Malt“ – If Malt Whiskies of different distilleries are blended (vatted), the result is a „Blended Malt Whisky“

„Single Malt“ – This is a Malt Whisky that originates from one distillery only

„Aged Malt“ – An Aged Malt is a Single Malt that displays a certain age indication on its label. Such a malt may include malts of different age, however, the youngest component may not be younger than the displayed age

„Non-Aged Malt“ – This is a Single Malt that does not display any age indication on its label

„Vintage Malt“ – This is a Single Malt which merely includes whiskies of a certain year