Виды бочки

The most common oak casks

bourbon-cask sherry-cask
  • By burning the cask out, the light American oak develops its typical toast and vanilla aromas as well as coconut and caramel aromas
  • Apart from these aromas, former bourbon casks also dispense strong oak notes
  • Each cask may only be used once for bourbon. The maturation of bourbon whiskey normally takes two years
  • About 90 per cent of the casks used in Scotland are former bourbon casks. Normally, those casks are smaller than former sherry casks.
  • The wooden cask is either made of light American or of dark European oak. The casks are “toasted”
  • Due to the initial filling with sherry, the cask develops an intensive colour and an overwhelming sweetness with the aroma of dried fruits
  • The casks are used repeatedly for the maturation of sherry
  • Depending on quality, former sherry casks are six to ten times more expensive than former bourbon casks.