That`s Sherry

Sherry – the special wine


Sherry is not simply Sherry. It is a strengthened (supplemented) white wine originating from an area (triangle) near Jerez in Andalusia, at the Costa del Cruz (Southern Spain). Sherry is almost exclusively extracted from the white Palomino grape (the world’s oldest grape). In rare cases, Pedro Ximénes grapes are used. The rarest grape variety is Moscatel. The grapes are classified according to quality in Fino or Oloroso immediately after being harvested. Due to the maturation according to the “Solera” (cask-) system, the wines achieve a constantly high quality and a controlled maturity.

Sherry — varieties

Fino and Manzanilla: naturally dry – iced Andalusian sun (15-17 % Alc.)
>>> Palomino grape, maturation with flor yeast
Fino as well as Manzanilla are light and tangy. Manzanilla has salty notes resulting from its origin (Sanlucar) at the seashore.

Amontillado: Prototype among the Sherries and at the same time the most universal one (16-18 % Alc.)
>>> Palomino grape, classified as a Fino and matured with flor yeast at first, with oxidative maturation later
Characterised by subtle but nevertheless zesty hazelnut aroma

Amoroso: Very rare, actually an Oloroso, but it is refined with Pedro Ximénez, which grants it as subtle sweetness (17-18 % Alc). Medium between Amontillado and Oloroso

Oloroso: The strong connoisseur’s Sherry – aromatic, nutty – matured for a long time (17-20 % Alc.)
>>> Palomino grape, matured by oxidation Sherry Cask
Oloroso (= fragrant, odorous) Strong body with nut and almond aromas

Medium: Semi-dry Sherry with tangy note (15-16 % Alc.)
>>> Blend of Amontillado and Pedro Ximénez
Neither dry nor sweet, with interesting tangy note

Cream: The Andalusian best-seller – unmatched in its smooth sweetness (approx. 16 % Alc.)
>>> Blend of Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez
Viscous, complete, like velvet

Pedro Ximénez (PX): Most concentrated sweetness – a feast of chocolate and coffee aromas (17-18 % Alc.)
>>> dry „Pedro Ximénez“ grape
Viscous with enduring sweetness and aromas of raisins and ripe grapes

Moscatel: Delicious sweetness – quite rare, very delicate and exotic (16-18 % Alc.)
>>> dry, raisin-like Moscatel grape
Rich and enduring, a variety of aromas including dried fruits, fig, and honey